Lecture Video Archives - 2008

January 2008 Ethics Lecture

Jan 09, 2008

Title: Equity in Research in Kenya - Compensation or Coercion?

Presenter: William M. Tierney, MD

(No video available)

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February 2008 Ethics Lecture

Feb 27, 2008

Title: Miracles: An Examination of the Miraculous in Health Care

Lecturer: Richard B. Gunderman, MD, Ph.D

Date: 02/27/2008

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March 2008 Ethics Lecture

Mar 26, 2008

Title: Pediatrics and Geriatrics: Ethics Across the Life Course

Lecturer: Greg A. Sachs, MD

Date: 03/26/2008

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April 2008 Ethics Lecture

Apr 23, 2008

TItle: Narrative Bioethics: How Stories Matter

Presenter: Martha Montell, Ph.D

Date: 04/23/2008

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May 2008 Ethics Lecture (1)

May 14, 2008

Title: The Challenges of Surrogate Decision Making in the Hospital

Lecturer: Alexia M. Torke, MD, MS

Date: 05/14/2008

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May 2008 Ethics Lecture (2)

May 28, 2008

Title: Strange Bedfellows: Torture and Medical Professionals

Lecturer: Meg Gaffney, MD

Date: 05/28/2008

(No video available)

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September 2008 Ethics Lecture

Sep 17, 2008

Title: National Health Insurance: Facts, no Rhetoric

Lecturer: Aaron E. Carroll, MD, MS

Date: 09/17/2008

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October 2008 Ethics Lecture

Oct 15, 2008

Title: The Ethics of Teamwork

Presenter: Suzanne Gordon

(No video available)

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November 2008 Ethics Lecture

Nov 19, 2008

Title: Professionalism Conflicts Created by Physician-Industry Interactions

Lecturer: Carey D. Chisholm, MD

Date: 11/19/2008

(No video available)

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December 2008 Ethics Lecture

Dec 17, 2008

Title: Leadership in Healthcare

Lecturer: Richard B. Gunderman, MD, PhD

Date: 12/17/2008

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