Lecture Video Archives - 2010

January 2010 Ethics Lecture

Jan 06, 2010

Title: We Thought You Were Here to Give Us the Answer! Myths and Realities in the Modern Practice of Ethics Consultation

Presenter: Paul Helft, MD

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February 2010 Ethics Lecture

Feb 03, 2010

Ttile: Honoring Treatment Preferences at the End of Life

Presenter: Susan Hickman, PhD

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March 2010 Ethics Lecture

Mar 03, 2010

Title: Privacy: An Evolving Legal Concept

Presenter: Valita Fredland, JD, MA

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April 2010 Ethics Lecture

Apr 07, 2010

Title: Ethical Care of the Difficult Patient: Personality Disorders in the Medical Setting

Presenter: Michael Webber, MD

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May 2010 Ethics Lecture

May 05, 2010

Title: Cultural Diversity/Cultural Sensitivity

Presenter: Rita Bair, MD, MPH

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September 2010 Ethics Lecture

Sep 08, 2010

Title: Three ytpes of Narrative Failure in Medicine

Presenter: Martha Montello, PhD

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October 2010 Ethics Lecture

Oct 06, 2010

Title: Ethics of X-Ray Vision

Presenter: Richard B. Gunderman, MD, Ph.D

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November 2010 Ethics Lecture

Nov 10, 2010

Title: Decision Making in the Care of Children Suffering from Serious Illness

Presenter: Javier Kane, MD

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December 2010 Ethics Lecture

Dec 01, 2010

Title: Online Professionalism in 140 Characters:Physicians, Physicians-in-Training & Online Social Networks

Presenter: Gabirel T. Bosslet, MD, MA

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