Lecture Video Archives - 2010

Privacy: An Evolving Legal Concept

Mar 03, 2010

Presenter: Valita Fredland, JD, MA


  1. Describe concepts of privacy in health care
  2. Identify HIPAA and Red Flag Rules
  3. Learn Internet social networking issues



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Ethics of X-Ray Vision

Oct 06, 2010

Presenter: Richard B. Gunderman, MD, Ph.D


  1. To outline the role of radiology in contemporary healthcare
  2. To describe the ethical implications of the ability to peer...

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Online Professionalism in 140 Characters:Physicians, Physicians-in-Training & Online Social Networks

Dec 01, 2010

Presenter: Gabirel T. Bosslet, MD, MA


  1. Identify online social networks as potential forums for professionalism transgressions among physicians and other medical...

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