Lecture Video Archives - 2013

January 2013 Ethics Lecture

Jan 16, 2013

Title: Routine Testing for HIV during Pregnancy: Forced Benevolence or Public Health Initiative

Presenter: Elaine Cox, MD

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February 2013 Ethics Lecture

Feb 06, 2013

Title: The Old Order Amish: Ethical Tension in Providing Culturally Congruent Care

Presenter: Patricia D. Bledsoe, MEd, MSW, LCSW

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March 2013 Ethics Lecture

Mar 06, 2013

Title: Broccoli, Medicaid and Mandates: Implication of the Affordable Care Act

Presenter: David Orentlicher, MD, JD

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April 2013 Ethics Lecture

Apr 03, 2013

Title: The Courage to Wonder in Medicine and Religion

Presenter: David H. Smith, PhD

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May 2013 Ethics Lecture

May 01, 2013

Title: Palliative Care: Transforming the Care of Serious Illness

Presenter: Diane E. Meier, MD

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September 2013 Ethics Lecture

Sep 04, 2013

Title: Patients' Perspectives on Cancer Ethics

Presenter: Visiting Scholar, Rebecca Dresser, JD

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October 2013 Ethics Lecture

Oct 02, 2013

Title: The New Indiana POST Program: Improving the Care of Seriously Ill Patients

Presenter: Susan Hickman, PhD

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December 2013 Ethics Lecture

Dec 04, 2013

Title: Adolescent Capacity & Informed Consent

Presenter: Mary A. Ott, MD, MA

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