Nursing Ethics Consultation Service:  This service is available specifically to nurses in the IU Health organization and provides informal consultation regarding ethical issues and dilemmas.  This service provides a mechanism for clinical nurses to access expert ethics advice, a willing ear for processing moral distress, and expert input in managing or arbitrating inter-clinician dynamics which lead to moral distress.  The service is available via direct contact with Dr. Lucia Wocial.

Unit Based Ethics Conversations:  Unit Based Ethics Conversations (UBECs) were created at IU Health in 2005 in response to observations of staff nurse behaviors consistent with moral distress.  UBECs were created to provide nurses and other patient care staff a unit based opportunity to explore ethically challenging situations encountered in clinical practice.  The mission of UBECs is to create an environment with morally open space where reflective dialogue and experiential narratives are encouraged to thrive.  The goal of the program is to increase participants’ abilities and confidence to deal in real time with ethically challenging situations.  UBEC discussion is open, with no set agenda and driven by the concerns of those attending.  Conversations may be case specific or related to recurrent issues which impact the moral life of the unit staff. (For an article describing the history of the UBEC Program click here).  UBECs are scheduled in collaboration with nursing unit leadership.  Any nurse may request a UBEC.  The program began expanding throughout the IU Health system in 2012.  To schedule a UBEC at your IU Health facility, click here.

Ethics Exemplar:  IU Health has been recognized by the Magnet Recognition Program ® and as such exemplifies the best in working environments for nurses.  In 2010 the ethics resources at IU Health were identified as exemplars by Magnet. The Fairbanks Program in Nursing Ethics is an integral part of IU Health’s plan for implementing strategies for improving the ethical components of nursing practice.