Pediatric Ethics Needs Assessment: 

In order to meaningfully continue to implement Pediatric ethics programming, an understanding of the current ethics culture, strengths, and deficits within the IU Health AHC community is necessary.  Work is underway to complete a formalized needs assessment in order to assess these aspects, with a goal of utilizing this information to inform ethics programming implementation locally and impact awareness and practice nationally. 

Pediatric Ethics Consultation Review: 

To date, there is a relative paucity of literature highlighting the ethics questions and concepts frequently encountered in Pediatric ethics consultation.  The Pediatric Ethics Initiative will include a review of historical data pertaining to Pediatric ethics consultation within the AHC over the past several years, with goals of positively impacting the quality of Pediatric ethics consultation services within the IU Health community and contributing to the national understanding of trends in ethical issues surrounding Pediatric care in a quaternary care institution.