• Lunch and Learn presentations at IU Health Methodist Hospital and IU Health University Hospital
  • Training program to teach communication skills including interpersonal and family in conducting ethics consultations
  • Training deriving from research on surgery communication competence skills for talking with patients and their families post surgery
  • Using the research results from study on HIV to train medical professionals to better understand the dynamics of disclosure/privacy for HIV+ individuals and the way they reveal of conceal with their partners
  • Develop interventions out of the research results from the health privacy barometer to alert medical professionals about communicative practices that honor patient privacy or violate that privacy.
  • Develop interventions and training that help medical professionals learn how to communicate more productively to avert consultation calls because of communication breakdowns
  • In addition, this research can identify circumstances where medical teams are at odds with each other and signal a need for interventions that help them build cohesiveness rather than conflict