Combined CPE and Ethics Fellowship

Specialized Chaplaincy Training in
Clinical Ethics

Many healthcare organizations expect that chaplains and chaplain managers will include ethics expertise among their competencies.  The Fairbanks Fellowship in Clinical Ethics combined with a second year Chaplain Fellowship at Indiana University Health provides extraordinary competency in clinical ethics along with core competency in organizational ethics and theological ethical reflection.

Expectations of persons accepted into this program will include providing chaplaincy services, completing program requirements for the Chaplaincy Fellowship and Fellowship in Clinical Ethics.  It is expected that the requirements of each Fellowship will be an integrated experience in ethics, pastoral ministry, and theological ethical reflection during this process of learning.

Requirements for entry into this joint program are: completion of M.Div. or equivalent, completion of 4 units of Clinical Pastoral Education, successful application to the Fairbanks Center for Medical Ethics for the Fellowship in Clinical Ethics, and successful application to the IU Health Clinical Pastoral Education Program for second year fellowship.

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