Patients and Families

IU Health Ethics Consultation Service for Patients & Families

IU Health and the Department of Clinical and Organizational Ethics are committed to providing our patients with services that adhere to the highest ethical standards.  All patients, to the extent that they are able, have the right to participate in their healthcare decision-making.   

What do we do?

The Clinical Ethics Consultation Service is a 24-hour service available to patients, family members/friends/proxy decision-makers of patients, or any individual involved in patient care. Ethical dilemmas arise when the right thing to do is not clear or when disagreement exists about what is best for a patient. This service provides guidance on navigating ethical dilemmas arising during clinical care, including issues around end-of-life care, the application of advanced directives, and surrogate decision-making. These dilemmas may involve personal preferences or values, religious beliefs, or professional duties and guidelines. Clinical ethics offers ways to identify and weigh the values at stake so that the individuals responsible for decisions can make good choices.